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New Phone System for Police Department

Indiana Borough Police Department has recently set up a new phone system for incoming calls.

The number is still the same as before (724-349-2121), however now after dialing callers will hear a recorded message with two options to choose from.

The recording will say the following:

- In case of emergency, hang up and dial 911. - For non-emergency and business calls, press 0.

Upon pressing 0, the phone will begin ringing again. At this point the phone will likely be picked up by someone on duty during regular business hours.

If it isn’t answered after the 4th ring, a second recorded message will play listing additional options for the caller to select from. From there, select the option specific to your reason for calling.

If ever you experience any difficulties with the new system, please email and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Lastly, please remember to always dial 911 in case of emergency for immediate assistance.

Thank you.

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