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Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for managing the ongoing operations for:

  • Maintenance of Streets & Public Roadways

  • Maintenance of Sanitary & Stormwater Infrastructure

  • Maintenance of Parks & Public Properties

  • Traffic Lights & Street Signage

  • Snow & Ice Removal

  • Leaf & Limb Collection

Borough Public Works Truck

Maintenance of Streets & Public Roadways

The Department is responsible for clearing all debris from municipal roadways. This includes litter, as well as major obstructions such as fallen trees limbs and objects falling off vehicles. The department also regularly cleans our streets with a street sweeper.


Patching and pothole repairs on Borough-owned streets and municipal parking lots are also addressed by the Department. Residents can report potholes via email at or filling out a Service Request Form on our website.

Maintenance of Sanitary & Stormwater Infrastructure

The Public Works Department routinely cleans stormwater inlets and monitors the effects of severe storm events on public roadways. A minimum of 70 storm system catch basins are rebuilt repaired each year. In addition, the Department maintains and repairs all critical damages to the sanitary and stormwater systems.

Stormwater Action Plan


As convenient as flushable wipes may sound, the labeling is a bit misleading.

Most wipes don't actually break down during the wastewater process in the same way that toilet paper does. Instead, these "flushable" wipes can build up and clog our main sewer lines - potentially causing sewage backup in residential homes.

All wipes (such as cleaning wipes, baby wipes, personal hygiene wipe, facial wipes and make-up removal wipes) should be placed in a sealed bag for trash disposal.

Please consider the work of our Public Works professionals and welfare of our community before flushing these items or dumping them down a drain.

Borough Public Works Department

Maintenance of Parks & Public Properties

The Department consists of eight full-time employees people and a supervisor to accomplish its assigned tasks. A part-time employee is also responsible for the maintenance of the Community Center and municipal offices.

Traffic Lights & Street Signage

The Department is responsible for the installation and application of all municipal street signs and traffic markings. All signs and markings are installed in accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Title 67, Chapter 211, Manual of Traffic Control Devices.

To report a traffic light outage or missing signage, please notify us via email at or by filling out a Service Request Form on our website.

Snow & Ice Removal

The Department plows 38 miles of 'snow lanes' each time it snows. These crew members often come to work in the middle of the night to get ahead of the snow storms. By the end of one day of plowing, they can accumulate up to 100 plowed miles! Once any snow or freezing rain begins to fall, the Department starts to salt the borough roadways to maintain passable conditions.

The Department utilizes a fleet of 7 trucks equipped with snow removal equipment and a backhoe.

Most vehicle maintenance is performed "in house”. 

Leaf & Limb Collection

The Department collects limbs twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. In addition, the Department collects fallen leaves annually in the Fall of each year.


The schedule varies year-to-year and is subject to change due to weather conditions and staffing priorities/limitations. Generally, leaf collection occurs from October to November and limb collection occurs in mid-October and late-April or early-May.

This year, tree limb collection will take place the week of April 29th. 


Updates will be shared on our website, social media channels. Information will also be sent to our local media partners, the Indiana Gazette and Renda Broadcasting's radio stations WCCS AM 1160 and 101.1 FM.

Click here for additional information and for previous dates of leaf & limb collection.

Street Lights


If any residents notice a streetlight burnt out or flickering, FirstEnergy now has a form on their website to report lighting directly to them for repairs. Visit

Leaf & Limb Collection
Paving Program

Each year, the Department resurfaces various streets within the borough. Funding for this work usually comes from Liquid Fuels and the annual Public Works Department budget.


Roads are selected based on various criteria, including surface condition, traffic volume, condition of underground utilities, condition of abutting curb and sidewalk and location.

An interactive map of past paving projects can be found below.

Blue lines are roadways to be paved in 2023.

Green lines are roadways that were paved in 2022.

Grey lines are roadways paved from past projects (2012 - 2021)

8th Street Lot Paving
Contact Us:

Public Works Barn

1180 Church Street, Indiana, PA 15701

Phone: (724) 465 – 6512
Fax: (724) 463 – 4177


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