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Planning & Zoning

Sub-division and Land Development

Zoning Classifications

Stormwater Management

Flood Zones

Mission Statement:

The Planning and Zoning Department is committed to promoting environmental integrity, economic vitality, and quality design standards to maintain the health, safety, and welfare of those within our community. We understand the importance of long range planning, plan implementation, and development review. In addition, the Department provides professional advice and technical support regarding key community issues and priorities to the Borough’s elected officials, members of staff, and residents. We work closely with the Community Development Committee, Planning Commission, various other boards, and local organizations to assure continued community advancement.


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Trees planted along sidewalks in Indiana Borough
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Current Projects:

Comprehensive Plan Update

A Comprehensive Plan serves as an official guide for public investments and provides support for local zoning ordinances. The Planning Department & Planning Commission are currently revising the plan to reflect the goals and values our community share today.

Community Center

Our Community Center is undergoing a face-lift! The multi-million dollar renovations will allow the Borough to continue to serve the community by providing a safe, weather-tight building while reducing energy consumption and preserving Indiana's history for years to come.

Hoodlebug Trail Extension

The Hoodlebug Trail is going to extend from White Township, through Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), to downtown Indiana Borough.  The aim of the project is the construction of safe and accessible links for bicyclists and pedestrians to travel in the community between the trail, campus, downtown, and other local destinations.

Investment Prospectus

Indiana Borough received three census track Opportunity Zone designations that help encourage capital investment within the community. The Indiana Borough Investment Prospectus provides potential investors with important information about the community while identifying a few areas of town that are ideal for capital investment. Click to your right to view the prospectus!

2018 Comprehensive Plan


Adopt-A-Block is a program offered through Downtown Indiana encouraging businesses, civic groups and nonprofits to choose a block downtown and clean up litter and debris at least once a quarter. The Planning Department looks after the blocks on South 7th Street from Vinegar Hill southward to Washington Street, and is committed to helping keep Indiana, PA beautiful! 

If you are interested in adopting a block, please contact the Downtown Indiana office at (724) 463-6110.


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