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Code Enforcement

Mission Statement:

Through daily interaction with the community, the Code Department provides input and recommendations to the Indiana Borough Planning Commission and to Borough Council for changes to the Borough’s Zoning Ordinance and Property Maintenance Code. Through daily enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance and Property Maintenance Code, the department staff assists in maintaining the health, safety and welfare of the community.

The Department is also tasked with the oversight and assistance of Community Development in order to maintain community prosperity. .


Click here to view Indiana Borough Codes and Ordinances online.

Map of Indiana, PA borough

For information regarding the following items please contact our office at 724-465-6543:

-Commercial Certificates of Occupancy

-Sub-division and Land Development

-Uniform Construction Code (UCC)

-Zoning Permits

-UCC Residential Permitting

-Zoning Classifications

-UCC Commercial Permitting

-Stormwater Management

-Maintenance Permitting

-Flood Zones

-Building Inspections

-Occupancy License

  • Appreciation
    Indiana Borough’s police officers generally handle between 9,000 and 11,000 calls for service each year 24/7/365. Notes of appreciation from community members are always welcome and will always reach our officers. Notes of support boost morale and increase officer wellness.
  • Suggestion
    We strive to be forward moving, service oriented, and focused on positive community impacts. Suggestions for improvement from community members are always welcome and will reach our supervisors. Understanding how we may be able to better serve will increase our effectiveness.
  • Misconduct
    We are committed to the core values of honor, integrity, and respect for all persons. The Indiana Borough Police Department accepts and investigates all allegations of employee misconduct. A supervisor is available 24/7/365, in person or via phone, to immediately understand your report and to provide you with next steps.
  • Records and Information
    Dissemination of police department records are guided by the Criminal History Records Information Act and all other applicable laws. We ask that police record or information inquiry be made during normal business hours through the office of Administrative Assistant in writing. Although a Right to Know Request Form is available under the Open Government Section some information can be disseminated less formally and more expeditiously. Please contact 724-349-2121 and direct all initial requests to our Administrative Assistant. Should a formal Right to Know Request need filed, you will be advised at that time.


Code/Zoning Supervisor

Brenda L. Darr

Building Code Official (BCO)

Brenda L. Darr

Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector

Jim Stile

Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector

Mike Singel 

Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector

Jared Detwiler 

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