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Active Transportation

"This community values biking, and other alternatively powered ways to move around town. Whether it's for exercise, recreation, or a daily commute, you can find a lot of folks riding two wheels in Indiana."

 - Councilmember Gerald Smith

Indiana Borough is a community that is committed to making active transportation easier and safer for our residents and visitors.

Expanding Our Trails

In 2019, we partnered with Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana County Office of Planning & Development and White Township to extend the Hoodlebug Trail and connect our downtown area, providing local riders with an easy way to move around town and access to a regional trail network.

Promoting Active Transportation
Indiana Borough's active BikePed Committee meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month, from 5:30 - 6:30 PM to discuss ways to improve transportation access and safety. Interested in joining? Feel free to reach out via email or on our Facebook page!

Community Events & Programs
Cycling events and programs are a regular feature in our community, including a Critical Mass and Bike To School & Work Day, coordinated with help by our Police Department.


Through the Earn-a-Bike Program at Chevy Chase Community Center, young participants learn about bike repair and safety, and receive a free bike upon completion.


Walk Works: Walk your way to fitness

This program, aimed at increasing opportunities for physical activity, offers fun, fact-filled community-based walking routes led by a group leader. The walking groups have been created through a partnership with the Pennsylvania Health Department, University of Pittsburgh and Indiana County Office of Planning & Development. WalkWorks is currently seeking a Group Leader to lead walks in the borough. Contact Barb Hauge at for additional information.

Group Leader Description

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