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Chief of Police

Justin Schawl

Administrative Assistant

Donna Pellas

Lieutenant, Operations

Eric Slovinsky

Detective Sergeant

Jeffrey Atherton


Leroy Anderson

Andrew Perry

Patrol Sergeants

Michael Raglani

Zachary Stiffler

Michael Rayko

Jeffrey Hoag

Patrol Officers

Randy Allmendinger

Cory Williams

Joshua Henning

Michael Clawson

Zachary Newell

Joshua Yokitis

Kassi Niver

Andrew Koszarek

Trent Ream

Noah Miller

Jeremy Adamson

William Clement




Hello and welcome to your resource page for the Indiana Borough Police Department.  My family and I are honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve you.  Indiana Borough is a welcoming, vibrant community - and place of significance.  We are the seat of Indiana County, proud host of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, birthplace of Jimmy Stewart, and are known for our many wonderful special events throughout the year.

Indiana Borough is a diverse community and its diversity makes us special.  Positive relationships are important here.  We have a thriving downtown with a wide variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences for everyone. Although we are pedestrian and bicycle friendly, we have an excellent public transportation system, and many easily accessible parking options for your convenience.

There is a peace, safety, and high quality of life here in Indiana.  This could only be achieved by the dedication of our community to having a professional police department.  The men and women serving Indiana Borough are your neighbors and friends.  They are highly trained, highly skilled, caring, compassionate, prideful people. Our responsibility to them is to ensure they have the resources necessary to safely and successfully handle any and every situation presented in today’s world – for the betterment of every person within Indiana Borough.


My name is Justin Schawl and I was born and raised in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  I am a graduate of our public-school system and the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  My wife, Krista, and I live and proudly raise our three wonderful children in Indiana - we invite you to do the same.  I am your Chief of Police and welcome an opportunity to meet you personally. 



The Indiana Borough Police Department is accepting preliminary applications for entry-level police officer testing. Interested parties may apply using our Online Application or by printing an application and mailing it or faxing it. 

Mailing Address:

Indiana Borough Police Department
Attn Pfc Newell
80 North 8th Street
Indiana PA, 15767




The testing process and eligibility requirements are in accordance with Indiana Borough Civil Service regulations apply to the testing process and eligibility requirements. Indiana Borough is an equal opportunity employer.    


The Indiana Borough Police Department exists to enhance the quality of life of our citizens.

We are committed to providing the highest levels of service while focusing on peace, safety, and comfort.

Our actions are guided by the core values of honor, integrity, and respect for all persons.

  • Appreciation
    Indiana Borough’s police officers generally handle between 9,000 and 11,000 calls for service each year 24/7/365. Notes of appreciation from community members are always welcome and will always reach our officers. Notes of support boost morale and increase officer wellness.
  • Suggestion
    We strive to be forward moving, service oriented, and focused on positive community impacts. Suggestions for improvement from community members are always welcome and will reach our supervisors. Understanding how we may be able to better serve will increase our effectiveness.
  • Misconduct
    We are committed to the core values of honor, integrity, and respect for all persons. The Indiana Borough Police Department accepts and investigates all allegations of employee misconduct. A supervisor is available 24/7/365, in person or via phone, to immediately understand your report and to provide you with next steps.
  • Records and Information
    Dissemination of police department records are guided by the Criminal History Records Information Act and all other applicable laws. We ask that police record or information inquiry be made during normal business hours through the office of Administrative Assistant in writing. Although a Right to Know Request Form is available under the Open Government Section some information can be disseminated less formally and more expeditiously. Please contact 724-349-2121 and direct all initial requests to our Administrative Assistant. Should a formal Right to Know Request need filed, you will be advised at that time.


Indiana Borough Police Department

80 N. 8th Street, Indiana PA, 15701

Phone: (724) 349-2121

Dispatch Fax: (724) 463-4175

Records Fax: (724) 463-4190

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