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The Administration Department generally conducts the business affairs of Indiana Borough, serves as a primary contact for the general public, and acts as a resource for Borough Council on matters of public interest.

The Manager’s Office is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Indiana Borough, coordinating the efforts of the other Departments. The Borough Manager also acts as Secretary for Borough Council, retains all municipal records, and serves as Treasurer for Borough funds.


The Manager’s Office negotiates construction and service contracts with vendors, handles personnel issues, manages insurance and employee benefit programs, and deals with local ordinances, legal issues, and other business affairs of the Borough. The Borough Manager is assisted by the Solicitor, the Assistant Treasurer, and a Recording Secretary, who keeps minutes of all Council meetings.

The Finance Office accounts for all Borough receipts and expenditures, including payroll, accounting, sewer billing, parking tickets, Municipal Services Tax payments, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. The Finance Department also records and deposits revenue from the elected Real Estate Tax Collector and the appointed agency for collection of Earned Income Taxes.

The Assistant Treasurer, who reports to the Borough Manager, supervises operations of the Finance Office, which includes, Sewer Billing/Accounting Clerks, Municipal Services Tax Clerk, and the many other functions within this critical office.

This staff is often the initial point of contact for the general public seeking information and assistance. Their knowledge of overall Borough operations is essential to serving the needs of our residents.

Borough Manager:

Nichole Sipos

Borough Treasurer:

Nichole Sipos

Communications & Grants:

Kyle Mudry

Payroll Clerk

Laurie Busovicki

Utility Billing Clerk:

Jennifer Smith

Utility Billing Clerk:

Andrea Carroll

Borough Solicitor:

Patrick Dougherty

LST Receiver:

Berkheimer Associates

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