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Each individual interested in serving on a Borough board or commission shall complete the “Borough of Indiana Appointed Boards/Commissions Statement of Interest”. The PA Municipalities Planning Code Act of 1968, P.L. 805, No. 247 as reenacted and amended by Sec. 202, requires interested parties be residents of Indiana Borough. As part of that process, each applicant should acknowledge review of this policy.




Each year, by September 30, all members of commissions or boards whose terms are set to expire will be asked to confirm their interest in continuing to serve. Reappointments are not automatic. Borough Council shall review all appointment applications and the intent of current, expiring members to serve prior appointment. It is the desire of Borough Council to appoint or reappoint applicants who will best complement the board or commission.


Board Opening/Resignations

Any board member intending to resign should forward a letter to his chair, who will in turn forward that letter to the Borough Manager for acceptance by Council. The Borough shall advertise the opening in the local media and contact the chair for recommendations and advice on filling the vacancy. Council shall review all applications and the board’s recommendation before making appointment.


Attendance Policy

Members of citizen boards or commissions are expected to attend meetings on a regular basis. A board member should inform the Chair is they are unable to attend a meeting. By September 30th of each year, the chair or secretary of each board or commission shall forward to the Borough Manager the attendance record of all members over a 12 month period running from September through August. This information will be used by Council in consideration of reappointments.




Staff shall provide an orientation for all new citizen board or commission members that includes a review of enabling legislation for that board or commission, historical perspectives on work of the body, and any other material appropriate to the work of that particular board or commission, such as by-laws, traditional practices, etc.

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