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Council of Governments (COG)

The COG can be hired for $175.00 per hour plus mileage for one vehicle, or $250.00 plus mileage for both vehicles.

To learn more, please contact COG's offices at 724-479-9664

Indiana & Blairsville Boroughs - Council of Governments

Indiana Borough and Blairsville Borough combined to create a council of governments, which are defined to serve an area of several counties and address issues such as regional and municipal planning, economic and community development, cartography and GIS, hazard mitigation and emergency planning, aging services, water use, pollution control, transit administration, and transportation planning. The Indiana-Blairsville COG was formed in order to purchase a sewer cleaning machine and a camera to televise the sewer lines.

The COG is made up of one member of the Blairsville Municipal Authority board and one member of the Indiana Borough board, Blairsville Municipal Authority's Executive Director and the manager for Indiana Borough. They meet the second Tuesday of every other month. They have hired three employees who go around to different Municipalities to flush out the main sewer lines, and to clean catch basins and residential sewer lines when necessary.


The COG is also able to televise the sewer lines to find out where there is a blockage or a break in the line.

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