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Mural Tour - 10/17/2020

Spruce Arts is an art residency based in Indiana, PA designed to enable artists to create freely, engage with the community, and share their work through exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops. Since its founding in 2019, Spruce Arts has hosted over 30 artists, 25 exhibitions, and various events, including school partnerships, artist talks, and virtual workshops.

Dripped on the Road is a traveling artist residency program dedicated to fostering a unique creative environment for its resident artists while enhancing the visual atmosphere of communities through public art.

Instead of traveling throughout the duration of their residency session, Dripped on the Road have stayed in Indiana, PA for the entire two weeks. They have been working on twelve murals, all within a four block radius in downtown Indiana. The artists working on the murals are Risa Boogie, Damien Mitchell, Evan Lovett, Jonathan Neville, Ramiro Davaro Comas, Denton Burrows, and Sarah Rutherford.

This collaboration extends into the community. Dripped on the Road and Spruce Arts focused this specific residency session on creative sustainability partnering with local conservancies and agencies to plant 100 trees and host up-cycling and sustainability workshops for the local community. In addition, the artists will paint murals with air purifying paint that absorbs aerial pollutants, reduces CO2 and eliminates odors.

Learn more about all of this at the Mural Unveiling and Walking Tour scheduled for October 17 at 4:30 PM! Details below:

October 17th at 4:30 pm - Mural Unveiling and Walking Tour

Join us for the unveiling of the new murals in downtown Indiana! We'll start with a little ceremony in the parking lot behind 580 Philadelphia Street and then embark on a walking tour of the new murals.

We will end at the Jimmy Stewart Museum, where half priced admission will show you their newest exhibitions. Their mural, painted by Damien Mitchell, will be free and open to the public. The thirteen murals will be by artists Risa Boogie, Damien Mitchell, Evan Lovett, Jonathan Neville, Ramiro Davaro Comas, Denton Burrows, and Sarah Rutherford.


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