Local Taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I talk to the Real Estate Tax Collector?

A: Real Estate Taxes are collected by an elected tax collector, who runs an office independent of Indiana Borough. Contact information for the Real Estate Tax Collector is displayed below.


Q: I need information about my wage taxes.

A: Wage Taxes for Indiana Borough are collected by a private company, Berkheimer Tax Administrator, Inc., whose contact information is displayed below.


Q: Do I have to pay the Local Service Tax (LST- Right to Work Tax) more than once a year in Pennsylvania?

A: No tax payer would be liable for more than $52.00 in LST in any calendar year, regardless of the number of taxing jurisdictions in which he or she is employed


Q: Who has priority in levying the LST tax?

A: The municipality of the employee’s primary employment.


Indiana Borough Tax Collector:
Bill Lundstrom
315 Philadelphia Street
(724) 349-3765

Indiana Wage Tax Collector:
Berkheimer Tax Administrator
50 N. 7th Street
Bangor, PA 18013
Phone: 1(866)227-4716

To visit Berkheimer Tax Administrator web site please click here