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We're Hiring! Part-Time Custodian Position

Position Description:

This Building Custodian is a part-time union position appointed by the Manager in accordance with the hiring provisions outlined in the collective bargaining agreement and the regulations set forth with the personnel policy manual. Click here for more details.

To Apply:

Rate of Pay:

$13.06 per hour (or current contract rate)

Shift/Schedule of Hours:

Part-time twenty-hour (20) work week and with schedule determined by the Public Works Director.

Assignment Responsibility:

The Building Custodian shall perform duties as prescribed by the Public Works Director and/or the designated supervisor and is responsible for the general cleanliness and maintenance of Borough Facilities, both indoor and outdoors. Click here for more details.

Required Skills, Abilities, and Qualifications:

The Building Custodian shall be able to understand written and verbal instruction, shall have basic mechanical skills and able to operate minor equipment, e.g. lawn mowing and trimming tools, sanding and painting equipment, and manual and motorized cleaning equipment, etc. The Building Custodian shall have the ability to orchestrate a routine cleaning and maintenance schedule as well as to respond to immediate cleaning and maintenance needs as they arise.

  • Must have High School Diploma or equivalency.

  • Must possess a valid PA Driver's License, be able to drive, and must have an insurable driving record.

  • Must be able to preform the following tasks:

    • Climb ladders and stairs or other equipment designed to reach high spaces.

    • Work in small cramped spaces and confined areas, e.g. elevator, closet, windowless space.

    • Ability to reach, stand, kneel, and bend for prolonged periods.

    • Ability to lift and maneuver 50 lbs. waist high repetitively and ability to team lift and maneuver with and without assisting equipment, e.g. dollies.

    • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.

    • Subject to a ninety-day (90) qualification period.

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