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Temporary Art Exhibit Now on Philadelphia Street!

A temporary art exhibit is now on Philadelphia Street! We thank the Jimmy Stewart Museum thanks you for bringing this to the community.

Come visit downtown as the weather warms up and check out this multi-dimensional outdoor installation titled "Tune In"!

We got a special delivery to the museum this morning! Tune In, The 2021 America Tour is a multi-dimensional outdoor installation that is touring the United States.
It will be outside the museum from April 7th through May 6th. Six vintage TV Screens show video content mined from hours of TV programs from the 60's.
It is designed to be thought provoking showcasing great orators like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., as well as entertaining featuring James Brown, The Supremes, Elvis and John Lennon. Designed by Rick Lazes and the Art Factory.
We are lucky to have it at the museum for a spell! Stop by and check it out and our new indoor museum display "Stewart on the Small Screen". #SupportMuseums

Photo: Facebook

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