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Happy Earth Day!

This year marks the 51st anniversary and the theme this year focuses on natural processes and innovative ways to restore the world’s natural ecosystems.

One of the most proactive approaches we can take to conserve our natural ecosystems is stormwater management. Here are few things you can do to help with stormwater pollution:

- Use rain barrels! They can be a great way to use that rain water effectively and decrease the stormwater runoff for your property.

- Properly dispose of your household hazardous waste (cleaning supplies, etc.) and don't dump chemicals down your sink, toilet, stormwater drain, sanitary sewer or in your yard.

- Cut down on your use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Always follow directions on these products and use sparingly. The less we use, the less we have in the stormwater runoff.

- Maintain your vehicles! Fix those oil leaks on your car and properly dispose of your used oil, antifreeze and other fluids.

- Pick up your pet waste!

- Use native plantings in your landscaping to help soak up and filter the stormwater runoff.

- Get involved with local volunteer groups and events dedicated to cleaning up and protecting our local watersheds!

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