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Comprehensive Plan Update Is Ongoing, And We Want To Hear From You!

We've made it easy for you to join in on this important process. We've set up an online platform where you can contribute your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

You can access this platform at Your input is critical in shaping the future of our city, and we strongly encourage you to take part in this initiative.


The Comprehensive Plan, an essential policy document that shapes the long-term vision and trajectory of Indiana Borough, is currently undergoing a crucial update. The Comprehensive Plan forms the basis of our community’s shared goals, reflecting the challenges we face, proposing solutions, and providing guidance for planning-related decisions.

The existing Comprehensive Plan is now 12 years old. Many of the Plan's initial goals have been accomplished, while new opportunities have emerged. Therefore, it's now time to revisit and refresh our collective vision. The updated plan is aptly named Indiana 2030: Tomorrow Together, signifying our renewed commitment to shaping a prosperous future for Indiana Borough.

The revision process began several years ago under the guidance of the Borough's Planning Commission. To make the updated plan even more robust and reflective of our community’s evolving needs, a consultant team was introduced in 2022 to help guide community outreach and develop the final document. The update project's primary aim is to ensure that the final Comprehensive Plan is not only enjoyable to read and easy to understand, but also accurately mirrors the aspirations of our residents.

For an undertaking of this magnitude, the Planning Commission has assembled a dedicated Steering Committee. Appointed by Borough Council, who will also oversee the project, the committee's role is to guide the process and ensure that the plan aligns with our community’s vision.


If you wish to learn more, leave a comment, or speak to someone about the project, please email or call 724-465-6691 and ask to speak with the Planning and Zoning Department.

Let's work together to create a blueprint for a vibrant and thriving Indiana Borough!

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