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Community Center Construction

Our Community Center is undergoing a face-lift! As most residents have probably noticed, our Community Center has been under construction. Roof tiles dating back to 1912 have been removed to allow the repair of any damaged roof sheathing and to replace the entire underlayment on the roof. Most of the roof tiles have been salvaged by the construction crew. Those tiles will be reused and any tiles that are broken or cracked will be replaced.

Exterior renovations include installing energy efficient windows, rebuilding gables, replacing the front stairs, repointing and replacing any deteriorating brick on the building facade and installing columns at the top of the front porch roof in an attempt to bring the building back to its original state.In order for renovations to continue at the Community Center, and to comply with OSHA safety regulations, high-voltage electric lines needed to be buried in conduit underground on the west side of the building.

Interior renovations consist of installing new lighting fixtures and LED bulbs, a complete renovation of the restrooms including ADA compliance, and the installation of seven high-efficiency rated, Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) certified Air-Conditioning & Air-Source Heat Pumps. The multi-million dollar renovations will allow the Borough to continue to serve the community by providing a safe, weather-tight building while reducing energy consumption and preserving Indiana's history for years to come.

The Library and the Jimmy Stewart Museum will remain open maintaining regular hours while construction is on-going.

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