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South 13th Street Projects

There have been a few projects occurring around South 13th Street lately. Below is a brief summary of the projects and their current status:

  1. Penelec replaced aging infrastructure along South 13th and adjoining streets. All bare steel pipes were replaced with new plastic main line pipe. This work has been completed.

  2. American Water is improving the main water between Philadelphia Street to Oakland Avenue line increase flow and reliability of water service. They’re currently flushing the new line and connecting service lines and will begin paving the trench line today (weather permitting).

  3. A sewage issue was discovered along South 13th between Church and School St. To make proper repairs, the scope of work needed to extend east on School Street to Fisher Avenue. This work involved Public Works setting three new manholes in addition to the main line pipe and service laterals. The asphalt base within the trench lines was completed on September 24th, 2020. Restoration of lawns and any removed sidewalk sections still needs to be completed. The portion of School Street from Fisher Avenue to South 13th will be resurfaced during this year’s borough paving project scheduled to begin on October 5th, 2020.

The joint effort put forth by all the above entities is a great enhancement to infrastructure that should last well into the future.

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