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Operations at the Waste Water Treatment Plant

One critical function of Indiana Borough seldomly seen is the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The WWTP treats wastewater from not just Indiana Borough, but large portion of White Township and Indiana University of Pennsylvania as well.

The average daily flow at the facility is 4.96 million gallons!

Every day, dedicated wastewater professionals are at work protecting the environment.

All wastewater that enters the plant is tested, treated, then tested again to ensure that the effluent can be discharged safely. An accredited on-site lab performs two types of testing: process control and regulatory testing. Both tests are compliant with Department of Environmental Protection regulations and are performed 365 days a year – including holidays and weekends.

Ultimately, everything “flushed” and dumped down drains flows into the treatment facility. Items such as disposable wipes, rubber gloves, and debris must be physically removed before entering. These items could potentially wreak havoc on the operations of the WWTP if they were to enter the facility. Pumps can get clogged, and piping can get overloaded, causing failures in the treatment process.

Wipes and other debris that get “flushed” can also cause damage even before they reach the treatment facility. These items clog the pipes within the collection system – a major cause of local overflows.

Disinfecting wipes and other personal protection items should be gathered, disinfected, and placed in a sealed plastic bag for trash disposal, and flush-able personal hygiene wipes should be avoided at this time.

Please consider the work of wastewater professionals protecting the health and welfare of all before flushing an item down the toilet or dumping it down the drain.

Thank you.

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