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"Flushable" Wipes Actually Clog Pipes

As convenient as flushable wipes may sound, the labeling is a bit misleading.

A majority of these wipes don't actually break down during the wastewater process in the same way that toilet paper does. Instead, these "flushable" wipes can build up and clog our main sewer lines - potentially causing sewage backup in residential homes.

We have seen three separate instances of clogged sewer lines due to these wipes over the past thirty days. A vacuum truck and camera work is necessary to resolve sewage backup and the work can take some time to be completed.

The best approach to reducing sewage backup is a proactive one. All wipes (such as cleaning wipes, baby wipes, personal hygiene wipe, facial wipes and make-up removal wipes) should be gathered, disinfected, and placed in a sealed bag for trash disposal.

One more thing about these wipes: most of them are also nondegradable, so the wipes that do make it to our Treatment Plant often create difficulties for the digester equipment.

Please consider the work of our wastewater professionals and the health and welfare of our community before flushing these items down the toilet or dumping them down a drain.

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