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3.15.20 RELEASE: COVID-19 Best Practices

Indiana Borough – To continue providing our citizens with the most up to date community resource for information on novel Coronavirus (COVID19), Indiana Borough is providing the following information: Borough Administration and Police continue collaborating, working closely with all community partners, and following the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Pennsylvania Department of Health to ensure community wellbeing and safety. Best practices for community health remain fluid, but certain recommendations have not changed. It is reiterated:

Practice good hygiene – Wash your hands with soap and water frequently, use hand sanitizer when necessary, avoid touching your face, maintain a personal space distance of 3-6 feet, and protect germ spread by coughing/sneezing into your elbow.

Avoid larger gatherings – We are all being asked to practice social distancing to slow the spread of germs. Larger gatherings, especially in confined spaces, will not provide a personal space distance of 3-6 feet as recommended above.

Care for others – If you feel sick stay home - limiting the spread of germs to our vulnerable neighbors is very important. Remember, everyone and every business is being impacted - seek ways to add value to each other’s lives while following the above general precautions. We are all in this together.

Maintain Perspective – Keeping adequate personal space distance does not mean avoiding all human contact. Washing hands frequently has always been a best practice. Panic and anxiety are not healthy. Indiana Borough is a wonderful community and we are best when we work together.

Borough employees remain working, your police are always available, and Borough Council will hold upcoming public meetings. While maintaining perspective, we continue practicing good hygiene, social distancing techniques, and care for others. Recognizing the impacts of COVID 19 and the rapidly evolving nature of best practices, we remain committed to flexibility and transparency that promotes health, wellbeing, and safety for Indiana Borough residents and visitors. In an abundance of caution, to limit larger gatherings, the Indiana Free Library will be closed until March 30. Community members are encouraged to visit the Cloud Library – details are online at

A two-page resource guide from the CDC remains available in the lobby area of the Indiana Borough Municipal Building, 80 North 8th Street, regarding best practices for health and wellbeing. This information is not specific to Indiana Borough and the same information can be obtained online from the CDC.

Indiana Borough’s employees, supported by Indiana Borough Council, are committed to the health and wellbeing, peace, safety, and comfort of all Indiana Borough residents. To best serve our community, general questions may be sent via email to and we will work to provide a timely response.

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