Borough Council - Standing Committees of Council


Poom Sunhachawi-Taylor (Chair), Peter Broad, Luke DeBuyser

1. Responsible for budgets and finances.
2. Responsible for buildings and properties.
3. Responsible for all personnel, including hiring, termination, and promotions.

Community Development:

Ben Ford (Chair), Jonathon Warnock, Joshua Krasta

1. Responsible for Community and Economic development initiatives.
2. Responsible for reviewing park and code enforcement operations.
3. Reviews and recommends ordinance changes.
4. Liaison for Downtown Indiana, Inc., IUP, Welcome To Indiana, Chamber of Commerce, Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board.

Public Safety:

Donald Lancaster (Chair), Sharon Herring, Tamara Collazzo

1. Responsible for overseeing all safety and concerns of the Police Department and the Borough.
2. Liaison for the Council and Mayor concerning Police Department issues.
3. Liaison for the Indiana Volunteer Fire Department.

Public Works:

Gerald Smith (Chair), Kaycee Newell, Sara Steelman

1. Responsible for the Street Department.
2. Responsible for the Sewage Treatment Facility.
3. Responsible for Solid Waste and Recycling programs.
4. Responsible for conditions of bridges and streams.


Shade Tree:

Donald Lancaster

1. Liaison for the Shade Tree Commission.

Borough Grievance Committee:

Committee composed of Chairs of the above four committees; alternate committee member is President of Borough Council.