Solid Waste 

Curbside Recycling

Weekly curbside collection of the following items is available to all households in Indiana Borough:

  • Aluminum & steel/bi-metal cans 

  • Glass bottles & jars

  • ​Newspapers

  • Plastic bottles (type #1 & #2)

Aluminum, steel, glass, and newspapers should be placed in the green bins.

Plastics must be sorted separately and placed in the blue bins. 


Collection of recyclables will occur weekly on the same day as garbage collection. Please note that your bins must be placed at the curbside or at the end of the driveway or they may not be taken.

Bins may also be rejected if they contain items that aren't approved for curbside recycling, such as broken glass, food waste or other non-recyclable materials. An orange sticker will be placed on rejected bins explaining why it was rejected. If your bin is rejected, please clean it out, remove the sticker, and place it back out the following week.

All replacement bins are $15.00 and can be obtained from the municipal office at 80 N. 8th Street, Indiana Pennsylvania, 15701

Examples of different plastic bottles - Indiana County Solid Waste Authority

2021 Holiday Pickup Schedule - If your pickup day falls on a holiday, your bin will not be picked up until the following week.

Garbage Collection

Waste Management Inc, provides garbage collection for Indiana Borough.  Residential pick-up is Monday through Thursday according to Ward.

Monday (First Ward) – North of Philadelphia Street, East of 7th Street

Tuesday (Fourth Ward) – North of Philadelphia Street, West of 7th Street

Wednesday (Second Ward) – South of Philadelphia Street, East of 7th Street

Thursday (Third Ward) – South of Philadelphia Street, West of 7th Street

Borough residents are billed for this service on your monthly utility bill.

Waste Management 2021 Holiday Schedule

Map of pickup schedule

WM rules to follow