80 North 8th Street

Indiana, PA 15701


Phone: (724) 465-6691

Fax: (724) 463-4177


Phone: (724) 349-2121

Police Dispatch Fax: (724) 463-4175

Police Records Fax: (724) 463-4190


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Weather Update:

July 6, 2018


Luck was on our side last night. Indiana saw a total of over 2” inches of rain the past 24-hours and heavy rainfall was expected but stayed southwest for the most part. No flash flooding events or damages were reported within the Borough.


Yesterday’s weather warning also marked the first execution of our new alert system, Swift-Reach. If you’d like to receive future notifications of local emergencies via phone, text or e-mail you can sign up at:


We thank our residents for their vigilance and wish everyone a safe, sunshine-filled weekend!

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