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Gas Company Projects

Work is progressing on People's Gas projects in our community. Below is an update on the project ongoing at the intersection of 9th & Philadelphia Street from Kayla James, Advanced Crew Leader for Flagger Force:

"Hello Indiana, PA I just wanted to update everyone. We have taken into consideration the amount of traffic traveling on Philadelphia Street and I just wanted to let you all know we went with a different approach. A Modified 103, lane shifts. Below is a picture of how traffic will flow. There are still 7 Flaggers watching every aspect of the work zone, but we are letting the light at Philly and 9th Street Deli run on its own. Traffic can flow on its own when the light changes. The light at S 9th and Church (First Baptist Church) is turned off, a Flagger is standing there as well and Traffic does not have to stop for the light. Thank you all, I hope this helps!"

Future work by People's Gas and their contractors can be found here:

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