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 Solar in our Community


In August of 2018, the Borough partnered with Evergreen Conservancy, League of Women Voters, and the Indiana County Sustainable Economic Development Task Force to form a Solar Co-Op. Partnering with the nonprofit Solar United Neighbors residents were able to take advantage of discounted pricing and installation. 


Unfortunately, the Co-Op is closed to new participants to be apart of the Co-Op but the Borough hopes to do this revisit this idea in the sometime future. 

The Borough has also adopted two solar-powered stop signs at the intersections of Wayne Avenue and Grant Street and Washington and

S. Sixth Street. These intersections which after reviewing traffic crash data were chosen with the goal to limit the number of traffic accidents at the two intersections. 

Solar Benefits: 


Solar energy uses a renewable energy source, the sun, which provides many benefits for not only individuals but the community.  Solar energy improves environmental quality by reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, supports local solar companies in Pennsylvania, and helps save money on energy costs.