What is WalkWorks? – WalkWorks is a program to increase opportunities for physical activity through a network of fun, fact-filled and community-based walking routes lead by a group leader. Walking groups have been created through a partnership among the PA Department of Health with the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health Center for Public Health Practice and the Indiana County Office of Planning & Development. Stop by the Indiana County Office of Planning & Development, 801 Water Street, Indiana, PA to pick up informational materials. You can also get information fast and easy online. Please feel free to visit the following webpages online: www.pawalkworks.com or http://icopd.org/indiana-county-walkworks-program.html

Does WalkWorks mean any obligation for me? – WalkWorks is absolutely free and optional!  The purpose of WalkWorks is to encourage more residents to start being active.  Some might need an incentive, would like to meet new people in their community, or prefer to walk with others.  Of course if you prefer to walk at other times, you can walk any day and time you want.

Does joining WalkWorks cost me anything? – Absolutely not! The WalkWorks program is funded by the PA Department of Health and is supported by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health Center for Public Health Practice. Everything offered by the WalkWorks program is free so join us.

How do I find a walking route? – All active routes can be found easily online. Feel free to visit www.pawalkworks.com or http://icopd.org/indiana-county-walkworks-program.html or contact Barb Hauge (bhauge@upstreetarchitects.com). Furthermore, you can find signs with the route maps and arrows in each borough which clearly mark the route.

What is the purpose of a Walking Group? – The WalkWorks program offers social support through community-based walking groups – which is only one of the benefits. Each of the routes in the county has a group leader who leads a walk along the route at least one time and day each week. The program exists to support people to get out and walk. Furthermore, some people appreciate the opportunity to be active within in a group. One can benefit from the social contacts, some feel safer and some people need a reasonable incentive or competition to stay active.

Is there any information on social media? – Yes!  Each of the walking routes in Indiana County has their own facebook page.  “Like” them on Facebook for the most current information and to learn about upcoming WalkWorks events in their community.  Follow the Indiana County Office of Planning & Development on twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, and linked in.

How do I find out which day and time they meet? – Information about the day and time that each route meets can be found by going to the website http://icopd.org/indiana-county-walkworks-program.html  links to the facebook pages for each route can be found here.

Why was this program developed in Indiana County? – Indiana County was selected as a target area by the PA Department of Health because our rates of obesity and obesity related chronic diseases are significantly above average in the state.

Can I join several routes? – Of course! You are more than welcome to join as many routes as you are able. This is a chance to learn other interesting features in our county.

Can I bring other people? – Absolutely! Please bring whoever and as many as you would like to take on a walk! The best is to share good experiences with others and create an active community. Its is open to all ages and abilities.

Can I be a group leader for the WalkWorks program? – Sure you can! A helping and enthusiastic person is always welcome! To start with you can ask your local group leader for a group leader description or get more information online: http://icopd.org/indiana-county-walkworks-program.html

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